The traditional law firm or legal department structure originated a long time ago out of pure necessity. Working together and communicating quickly required not only working in the same building, but also within a fixed, formal framework.

Most legal work no longer requires that ‘old’ structure.

Legal talent — thus quality — nowadays is spread over many different places and organisations. As a customer, you have personal preferences, but let’s be honest: it is usually impossible to know exactly which individual lawyer is best to actually solve your specific issue. You certainly do not know all the lawyers in the market, you do not know exactly what or how much they know, and you often may not even know enough to fully understand your own issue. By narrowing your choice among your existing preferred suppliers, you also limit the possible options available to improve your legal support.

Technology can help tremendously in the smart allocation and organisation of legal work. In fact, much smarter than you’re used to.


LawyerlinQ brings your network together on a private social platform. Leverage the speed and efficiency of social media to the benefit of your organisation, with one crucial difference: we radically revert the social platform model. We provide your organisation with your own private, closed community on our platform, under the highest standards of information security.

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