Are you going to change the game?

ZukunftsinstitutA couple of weeks ago my attention was caught on an article by the Zukunftsinstitut (shout to out to our friends of the Venturis Consulting Group for sharing initially). This article is interesting because of the use of the so called ‘lazy eight’. It is the name of an adaptive cycle that will help us to outline the possible paths that companies will take the coming months. Now that we have absorbed the first Covid-shockwaves, it is time to respond.

So, if you consider yourself a business leader in the legal profession: take a look at it and ask yourself: ‘What will the benefits of this crisis be, reasoned back 3 years from now. Just allow yourself to step into the future and look back at today. Are you going to be able to navigate your company into a new(er) game (i.e. are you taking advantage of Covid), or will you keep things as they were? Remember Einstein – if you do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.

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