Managed legal services Dutch style: through collaboration

Many of the challenges surrounding todays organisation of legal work are related to the dynamics of market-driven organisations. As a legal manager, or law firm, it is practically impossible to -without overspending- create a permanent team of the right size and staff composition to face any project or business demand.

On our secure online collaboration platform,, we create and manage flexpools for flexible in-house staffing, or even complete teams to supply you with tailored legal proces outsourcing solutions.

To do so, we can source directly from the network of the top 500 independent legal professionals in the Dutch market. All lawyers and legal counsel with a background in international law firms and global legal departments.

Bringing gig-work to the top end of the legal market
llqicons-schild responsive and conversant

your group of handpicked legal professionals

ultimate in flexibility

scaling up (and down) at high speed

efficient and compliant

we take responsibility


In brief

llqicons-netwerk_leegthe legal professionals you already know and trust
llqicons-netwerk_vol+ the best talent the market has to offer
llqicons-netwerk_handjesbrought together on your secure
online community
managed and compliant
llqicons-gearscentralised and care free

About us

In the past decade the Dutch labour market has seen a large group of highly qualified legal professionals seeking self employment. And since the Dutch economy has a relatively big contingent of global and EMEA corporate headquarters, financial institutions and international law firms, these ‘independent legal professionals’ enjoy excellent market conditions. Their numbers are growing every day.

In this highly developed legal market LawyerlinQ was created, a spin off from the largest network of independent legal professionals in the Netherlands. We create bespoke communities for law firms and legal departments. Bringing them innovative ways to source legal work on demand, preferably by re-using existing contacts, but adding all experts that are needed through partnerships with all major suppliers of flexible legal staffing in the Dutch market.

LawyerlinQ manages bespoke flex pools for:


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