FAQ’s for (freelance) lawyers interested in joining the LawyerlinQ platform


When using the LawyerlinQ platform you can effectively and efficiently acquire assignments. As working with a platform could be a new way of working for you, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

What happens when I join LawyerlinQ?

Within the LawyerlinQ platform, we have a general community and closed client communities. After your invite and onboarding, you will become a part of the ‘general Lawyerlinq community’. In addition, we will actively introduce you to our clients in order to become part of their bespoke legal communities. If you enter one of these closed client communities you will be the first one notified when new assignments are published within this community.

Are there additional terms and conditions for closed client communities?

If you join LawyerlinQ, we ask you to agree and sign the ‘LawyerlinQ Playbook’. In the Playbook you can find the terms for using the platform and the rules that we have set for LawyerlinQ. These rules govern your expected behaviour on LawyerlinQ and how you enter into agreements with us on LawyerlinQ. If you want to join a closed client community, you will be asked to accept the client specific terms. This agreement that you enter into is based on a model agreement of the Dutch Tax Authority and is adjusted to the clients requirements.

What can I do to stand out on the platform?

We encourage you to make sure your profile is up-to-date. Try to fill in your experience, your specialism and your unique selling points as clear as possible. Your profile is the first thing that clients will see. So make sure that in the blink of an eye a client can match you to their company and the offered work.

Am I obliged to respond to assignments or to pick up assignments?

No, you are not obliged to respond or take any assignments. Naturally you have to respond when you are interested in the assignment, and of course it’s the most decent thing to do and let them know that you are not available at the moment, but it is up to you. As you are directly communicating with a potential client, this contact will provide them with a first (hopefully good) impression of you. In the case you want to decline an assignment we encourage you to communicate this with the client, so they can continue their search.

I already have my own network of renowned clients. How does a profile on LawyerlinQ benefit me?

Having a solid client base is great, and of course, you don’t need a profile if you don’t want to work for the organisations that use the LawyerlinQ platform. However, if you do want to work for these organisations, then having a profile is essential. Most clients use their LawyerlinQ communities as a centralized channel for legal sourcing and we don’t want you to be overlooked. Creating a profile is simple, so make sure you don’t miss out on new opportunities.

I already have good contacts within a company, why should I join their LawyerlinQ community?

The main reason for joining the community of a client you already know is the fact that you are helping them if you do. Most of our clients use their LawyerlinQ communities as a centralized channel for legal sourcing and to manage their legal suppliers. You could be easily overlooked if your profile is not there when clients are looking for support.

I prefer to approach clients by email or phone. Why should I go online?

You are still able to call or email clients, we are adding an extra communication channel. It helps clients to manage their network of lawyers and to optimize their legal sourcing. The way companies retain external- or interim legal counsel is shifting. Clients face a ‘more for less challenge’ and they need to be in control. Your current contact might personally also still prefer the traditional approach, but you can take the lead.