New hourly rates report available

average rate report


Have you noticed that when it comes to legal fees, business logic does not always apply?

We see law firms paying for their flexible resourcing based on the years of PQE or reputation of the professional, instead of pricing the job that needs to be done. More or less the same seems to happen when a corporate engages external legal support.

At LawyerlinQ, we aim for the right balance between the job and the money spent. This does not necessarily mean we drive down hourly rates. The LawyerlinQ platform helps you pay for the worth of a job rather than for the reputation or experience of the lawyer performing it.

For some of your legal work you might prefer a high-end reputable firm, but why go there all the time? You don’t go into a Michelin star restaurant for every lunch, or do you?

To help our clients and prospects with these ‘value for money’ challenges, we have prepared a benchmark report on the hourly rates for on-demand expert legal work in the Netherlands. Are you interested, and considering the use of our platform? Drop Maarten Hagen an email. He will be happy to share our insights.