llqicons-netwerk_leegYour existing network
llqicons-netwerk_vol+ the best talent available
llqicons-netwerk_handjesin your own private online community
Full control of contracting and financials
llqicons-gearsWe handle invoices, insurance etc.

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Your private legal talent cloud

LawyerlinQ uses technology for you to get more out of your legal network. With LawyerlinQ, you can freely choose any lawyers you find fit, whether they work independently, at a firm or another organisation. Let us show you how to find and contract legal help and expertise cheaper, better and faster!

We provide you with your own private legal talent cloud. We put your entire legal network together, centrally unlocked and deployable with a few mouse clicks. Your private network works as a virtual place to give out assignments, match them to the best talent available and unlock their expertise. Our platform also handles all of the contracting, payments, budgeting and reporting details for you.


  • convenience

    Just a few mouse clicks provide 24/7 access to extra knowledge or help. No more shopping, no more calling lists and no more time-consuming conversations with account managers or business managers.

  • speed

    Get it going immediately. Eliminate intermediaries and connect directly with the professionals with the time and expertise to help you when you need.

  • expertise

    Access the expertise you need from your own legal community. Source from your existing roster of trusted legal professionals, while LawyerlinQ aggregates the talent available in the legal market for you.

  • control

    You choose whom you work with and and their rates. LawyerlinQ handles the contracting, administration and reporting, without extra software.

  • costs

    • Leverage the investment in your existing legal network.
    • Minimise transaction costs, overhead and lead times
    • Corporate legal departments currently using LawyerlinQ save more than 20% on outsourced work
    • Law firms currently using LawyerlinQ reduce their fixed personnel costs by up to 20%
    • Save 10 to 30% on outsourcing agencies’ fees.


Contact Maarten Hagen
06 242 48 435 / maarten@lawyerlinq.com