LawyerlinQ = for Lawyers

Lawyerlinq for lawyers

The LawyerlinQ platform helps clients source their legal work in a smarter more efficient way. To attain that goal, strong collaboration with the lawyers on the platform is key. As the saying goes: It takes two to tango. That means we put in a lot of effort to make life easier for lawyers as well. 

These are the top 5 lawyer comments/challenges.

1. ‘I don’t understand how the platform brings me new business’.

Once you have set up your profile and agreed to the LawyerlinQ playbook, your profile will be activated. New assignments from clients are shared online within their closed communities. If you are a member you will automatically receive an email notification. You won’t be able to see posts from clients in communities you are not a member of. 

For more information on how to respond to assignments and useful tips check out the online tutorials here. Experiencing difficulties or do you have questions? Feel free to reach out to Laurens or Mirte.

2.‘I don’t like being part of a “beauty contest” with other lawyers’.

Don’t be naive,  competition is simply part of today’s legal market. It’s less confronting if you are invited to hand in a fee quote for an assignment offline, but all professional clients make sure they have more than one lawyer to choose from. LawyerlinQ makes the process more transparent and we level the playing field. We strongly believe you will benefit from it. Besides, we make it very easy to efficiently compete for the business of big clients.

3. ‘I have my own network of renowned clients. Why would I need a profile on LawyerlinQ?

Having a solid client base is great, and of course, you don’t need a profile if you don’t want to work for the organizations that use the LawyerlinQ platform. But if you do, having a profile is essential. Most clients use their LawyerlinQ communities as a centralized hub for legal sourcing, and we don’t want you to be overlooked. Besides, having a profile is easy and cheap so make sure you don’t miss out on new opportunities from clients that you don’t have a strong relationship with yet. 

4. ‘I already have good contacts within this company, why should I join their LawyerlinQ community?’

The main reason for joining the community of a client you already know is the fact that you are helping them if you do. Like we said before; most clients use their LawyerlinQ communities as a centralized hub for legal sourcing and to manage their legal suppliers. You will be easily overlooked if your profile is not there when clients are looking for support. Besides, if you are an alumnus or current supplier of that client, special terms will apply. We want you to benefit! 

5. ‘I prefer to approach clients by email or phone. Why should I go online?’

We are not saying you can’t call or email clients. We simply add an extra communications channel. It helps clients to manage their network of lawyers and to optimize their legal sourcing. The way companies retain external- or interim legal counsel is shifting. Clients face a ‘more for less challenge’ and they need to be in control. Your current contact might personally also still prefer the traditional approach, but you can take the lead. Together we can make sure clients engage you for your core competencies.

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