Top 5 Client Feedback

top 5 client feedback

Last year we launched our completely new custom build platform, a big leap in connecting clients and lawyers faster and easier. The implementation of new technology is a gradual process. Going live in June last year marks the first step. Since then on we collected as much client feedback as possible. We use this data to learn and, to continuously improve, the platform.

Feedback Top 5 / requests for improvements:

  1. I need to keep a grip on the number of responses to my support requests. 

    Some clients choose to send their support requests to only a few lawyers in their community. Why? Most clients answer: “I want to keep a grip on the responses on the platform”.But what does “keep a grip” actually mean? We asked our clients and found out that they send their requests to fewer lawyers in order to contain the number of responses. For most clients this generally speaking means: fewer responses of lawyers means fewer responses required from their end.

    This line of reasoning seems logical and is consistent with the way legal sourcing was carried out in the ‘pre-platform’ age. You can call or e-mail only so many lawyers. Right? But containing the number of lawyers who receive your request you, by definition, contain the level of competition. Not only in price, but also in quality, or the range of creative solutions offered.

    The platform enables you to use a different approach: Send your support request -with just a mouse click- to as many lawyers as you like!

    – Focus on relevant responses and leave others aside. This might seem blunt but keep in mind: the platform is designed to serve you. LawyerlinQ moderators can contact candidates with less useful profiles so you can focus on getting the job done.

    – You received one or more useful responses for your support request within minutes? Use the new feature “Close for new replies”. You can continue your chat conversations with existing respondents but close the assignment for new responses. This way you prevent responses keep flooding in.

  2. Can I share documents with lawyers on the platform? 

    Yes, you can. The chat function in the platform includes a feature to share a document in a conversation. We work hard to extend this feature which allows you to upload multiple documents. We expect this feature to be ready in Q1 2020. Do you need to share more than 10 documents or you are looking for a way for online collaboration? Please get in touch with Laurens (+31 6 48 11 40 49) to explore the possibilities we offer for secure online collaboration.

  3. I need a specialist! Profiles in my community seem to be generalists? 

    In the platform, we use profiles rather than CV’s. It enables you to get a quick impression of a lawyer’s background. Much quicker than sorting resumes. However, keep in mind that the information in lawyer profiles will always give only a general impression. Not all skills and specialist knowledge end up being part of a profile. 

    How can I make sure I always pick the best lawyer for the job? 

    – Always start with a broad selection of lawyers when posting your support request. Invite ALL lawyers in your community to respond and ask them to include a short description of their specific skill set with regard to the matter at hand.  Pick your specialist based on the real-time insight in their expertise they give you through their response to your request. Need help? No problem: contact Mirte.- Describe the matter and the support you need in detail. You can ask them to supply you with detailed descriptions of recent work, and references of clients.

  4. From my perspective, the perfect candidate hasn’t presented himself in my community yet. Now what? 

    Let us know! We will help you find and choose the right talent from within your lawyer community. And, if needed, we will also bring you all necessary other suppliers from the market.

  5. Who decides which lawyers can join our community?
    The short answer: you decide. It’s your community so it should contain lawyers you choose. In our experience, communities should be quite extensive, again to get the best expertise and best solutions at the best rates. That is why we are always on the lookout to expand your community, filling it with as many useful lawyer profiles as possible. In order to do so we need to learn exactly what kind of expertise your company or firm might need and what specific requirements lawyers should meet in order to be eligible to join. To help you tell us we created a simple tool. Ask Laurens for more information.


More feedback, or questions? 
Contact Laurens Trietsch.